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A curated list of papers ordered by number of citations. Last updated 2019-03-04

1.The bitcoin lightning network: Scalable off-chain instant payments Poon, Joseph and Dryja, Thaddeus. 2016
2.A fast and scalable payment network with bitcoin duplex micropayment channels Decker, Christian and Wattenhofer, Roger. 2015
3.TumbleBit: An untrusted Bitcoin-compatible anonymous payment hub Heilman, Ethan and Alshenibr, Leen and Baldimtsi, Foteini and Scafuro, Alessandra and Goldberg, Sharon. 2017
4.Bolt: Anonymous payment channels for decentralized currencies Green, Matthew and Miers, Ian. 2017
5.Revive: Rebalancing Off-Blockchain Payment Networks Rami Khalil and Arthur Gervais. 2017
6.Settling Payments Fast and Private: Efficient Decentralized Routing for Path-Based Transactions Roos, Stefanie and Moreno-Sanchez, Pedro and Kate, Aniket and Goldberg, Ian. 2017
7.Concurrency and privacy with payment-channel networks Malavolta, Giulio and Moreno-Sanchez, Pedro and Kate, Aniket and Maffei, Matteo and Ravi, Srivatsan. 2017
8.PERUN: Virtual Payment Channels over Cryptographic Currencies Stefan Dziembowski and Lisa Eckey and Sebastian Faust and Daniel Malinowski. 2017
9.Pisa: Arbitration Outsourcing for State Channels McCorry, Patrick and Bakshi, Surya and Bentov, Iddo and Meiklejohn, Sarah and Miller, Andrew. 2018
10.Foundations of State Channel Networks Stefan Dziembowski and Sebastian Faust and Kristina Hostakova. 2018
11.Sprites and State Channels: Payment Networks that Go Faster than Lightning Miller, Andrew and Bentov, Iddo and Kumaresan, Ranjit and Cordi, Christopher and McCorry, Patrick. 2018
12.NOCUST--A Non-Custodial 2 nd-Layer Financial Intermediary Khalil, Rami and Gervais, Arthur. 2018
13.How to Charge Lightning Br\^anzei, Simina and Segal-Halevi, Erel and Zohar, Aviv. 2017
14.Multi-Hop Locks for Secure, Privacy-Preserving and Interoperable Payment-Channel Networks Giulio Malavolta and Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Clara Schneidewind and Aniket Kate and Matteo Maffei. 2018
15.You sank my battleship! A case study to evaluate state channels as a scaling solution for cryptocurrencies McCorry, Patrick and Buckland, Chris and Bakshi, Surya and W\"ust, Karl and Miller, Andrew. 2018
16.Lightning Factories Pedrosa, Alejandro Ranchal and Potop-Butucaru, Maria and Tucci-Piergiovanni, Sara. 2019