Papers (13)

1.MiMC: Efficient encryption and cryptographic hashing with minimal multiplicative complexity Albrecht, Martin and Grassi, Lorenzo and Rechberger, Christian and Roy, Arnab and Tiessen, Tyge. 2016
2.Starkad and Poseidon: New Hash Functions for Zero Knowledge Proof Systems. Grassi, Lorenzo and Kales, Daniel and Khovratovich, Dmitry and Roy, Arnab and Rechberger, Christian and Schofnegger, Markus. 2019  
3.Feistel Structures for MPC, and more Albrecht, Martin R and Grassi, Lorenzo and Perrin, L\'eo and Ramacher, Sebastian and Rechberger, Christian and Rotaru, Dragos and Roy, Arnab and Schofnegger, Markus. 2019
4.Design of Symmetric-Key Primitives for Advanced Cryptographic Protocols Aly, Abdelrahaman and Ashur, Tomer and Ben-Sasson, Eli and Dhooghe, Siemen and Szepieniec, Alan. 2019  
5.Algebraic cryptanalysis of STARK-friendly designs: application to MARVELlous and MiMC Albrecht, Martin R and Cid, Carlos and Grassi, Lorenzo and Khovratovich, Dmitry and L\"uftenegger, Reinhard and Rechberger, Christian and Schofnegger, Markus. 2019
6.MARVELlous: a STARK-Friendly Family of Cryptographic Primitives Tomer Ashur and Siemen Dhooghe. 2018
7.On a Generalization of Substitution-Permutation Networks: The HADES Design Strategy Grassi, Lorenzo and L\"uftenegger, Reinhard and Rechberger, Christian and Rotaru, Dragos and Schofnegger, Markus. 2019
8.Collisions on Feistel-MiMC and univariate GMiMC Bonnetain, Xavier. 2019
9.Out of Oddity -- New Cryptanalytic Techniques against Symmetric Primitives Optimized for Integrity Proof Systems Tim Beyne and Anne Canteaut and Itai Dinur and Maria Eichlseder and Gregor Leander and Gaëtan Leurent and María Naya-Plasencia and Léo Perrin and Yu Sasaki and Yosuke Todo and Friedrich Wiemer. 2020
10.Mind the Middle Layer: The HADES Design Strategy Revisited Nathan Keller and Asaf Rosemarin. 2020
11.An Algebraic Attack on Ciphers with Low-Degree Round Functions: Application to Full MiMC Maria Eichlseder and Lorenzo Grassi and Reinhard Lüftenegger and Morten Øygarden and Christian Rechberger and Markus Schofnegger and Qingju Wang. 2020
12.STARK Friendly Hash -- Survey and Recommendation Eli Ben-Sasson and Lior Goldberg and David Levit. 2020
13.Optimized Collision Search for STARK-Friendly Hash Challenge Candidates Udovenko, Aleksei. 2020