Papers (23)

1.Scalable, transparent, and post-quantum secure computational integrity Eli Ben-Sasson and Iddo Bentov and Yinon Horesh and Michael Riabzev. 2018   
2.Lattice-based SNARGs and their application to more efficient obfuscation Boneh, Dan and Ishai, Yuval and Sahai, Amit and Wu, David J. 2017  
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4.Fractal: Post-Quantum and Transparent Recursive Proofs from Holography Alessandro Chiesa and Dev Ojha and Nicholas Spooner. 2019   
5.Lattice-Based zk-SNARKs from Square Span Programs Gennaro, Rosario and Minelli, Michele and Nitulescu, Anca and Orr\`u, Michele. 2018  
6.Committing to quantum resistance: A slow defence for Bitcoin against a fast quantum computing attack Stewart, Iain and Ilie, D and Zamyatin, Alexei and Werner, Sam and Torshizi, MF and Knottenbelt, William J. 2018
7.Succinct Arguments in the Quantum Random Oracle Model Alessandro Chiesa and Peter Manohar and Nicholas Spooner. 2019
8.Anonymous Post-Quantum Cryptocash. Zhang, Huang and Zhang, Fangguo and Tian, Haibo and Au, Man Ho. 2017
9.One-shot Signatures and Applications to Hybrid Quantum/Classical Authentication Amos, Ryan and Georgiou, Marios and Kiayias, Aggelos and Zhandry, Mark. 2020
10.Efficient Post-quantum SNARKs for RSIS and RLWE and Their Applications to Privacy Boschini, Cecilia and Camenisch, Jan and Ovsiankin, Max and Spooner, Nicholas. 2020  
11.Switch Commitments: A Safety Switch for Confidential Transactions Ruffing, Tim and Malavolta, Giulio. 2017
12.The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol Against Quantum Adversaries Alexandru Cojocaru and Juan Garay and Aggelos Kiayias and Fang Song and Petros Wallden. 2019
13.A non-PCP Approach to Succinct Quantum-Safe Zero-Knowledge Jonathan Bootle and Vadim Lyubashevsky and Ngoc Khanh Nguyen and Gregor Seiler. 2020
14.Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge SNARGs for Arithmetic Circuits Nitulescu, Anca. 2019
15.Bitcoin Crypto–Bounties for Quantum Capable Adversaries Dragos Ioan Ilie and Kostis Karantias and William J. Knottenbelt. 2020
16.Practical Post-Quantum Few-Time Verifiable Random Function with Applications to Algorand Esgin, Muhammed F and Kuchta, Veronika and Sakzad, Amin and Steinfeld, Ron and Zhang, Zhenfei and Sun, Shifeng and Chu, Shumo. 2020
17.Lattice RingCT v2.0 with Multiple Input and Output Wallets Wilson Alberto Torres and Veronika Kuchta and Ron Steinfeld and Amin Sakzad and Joseph K. Liu and Jacob Cheng. 2019
18.Post-Quantum Security of the Bitcoin Backbone and Quantum Multi-Solution Bernoulli Search Cojocaru, Alexandru and Garay, Juan and Kiayias, Aggelos and Song, Fang and Wallden, Petros. 2020
19.Aurora: Transparent Succinct Arguments for R1CS Ben-Sasson, Eli and Chiesa, Alessandro and Riabzev, Michael and Spooner, Nicholas and Virza, Madars and Ward, Nicholas P. 2018  
20.Committing to Quantum Resistance, Better: A Speed–and–Risk–Configurable Defence for Bitcoin against a Fast Quantum Computing Attack Dragos Ioan Ilie and William J. Knottenbelt and Iain Stewart. 2020
21.SodsMPC: FSM based Anonymous and Private Quantum-safe Smart Contracts Shlomi Dolev and Ziyu Wang. 2020
22.SodsMPC: FSM based Anonymous and Private Quantum-safe Smart Contracts Shlomi Dolev and Ziyu Wang. 2020
23.Lattice-Based Proof-of-Work for Post-Quantum Blockchains Rouzbeh Behnia and Eamonn W. Postlethwaite and Muslum Ozgur Ozmen and Attila Altay Yavuz. 2020