A curated list of papers ordered by number of citations. Last updated 2020-01-20

1.Hyperledger fabric: a distributed operating system for permissioned blockchains Androulaki, Elli and Barger, Artem and Bortnikov, Vita and Cachin, Christian and Christidis, Konstantinos and De Caro, Angelo and Enyeart, David and Ferris, Christopher and Laventman, Gennady and Manevich, Yacov and Muralidharan, Srinivasan and Murthy, Chet and Nguyen, Binh and Sethi, Manish and Singh, Gari and Smith, Keith and Sorniotti, Alessandro and Stathakopoulou, Chrysoula and Vukolić, Marko and Weed Cocco, Sharon and Yellick, Jason. 2018
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3.Channels: Horizontal scaling and confidentiality on permissioned blockchains Androulaki, Elli and Cachin, Christian and De Caro, Angelo and Kokoris-Kogias, Eleftherios. 2018
4.On Sharding Permissioned Blockchains. Amiri, Mohammad Javad and Agrawal, Divyakant. 2019
5.Privacy-preserving auditable token payments in a permissioned blockchain system Elli Androulaki and Jan Camenisch and Angelo De Caro and Maria Dubovitskaya and Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Bjoern Tackmann. 2019
6.Anonymous Transactions with Revocation and Auditing in Hyperledger Fabric Dmytro Bogatov and Angelo De Caro and Kaoutar Elkhiyaoui and Björn Tackmann. 2019