A curated list of papers ordered by number of citations. Last updated 2020-01-15

1.Analyzing Ethereum's Contract Topology Kiffer, Lucianna and Levin, Dave and Mislove, Alan. 2018
2.Echoes of the Past: Recovering Blockchain Metrics From Merged Mining Stifter, Nicholas and Schindler, Philipp and Judmayer, Aljosha and Zamyatin, Alexei and Kern, Andreas and Weippl, Edgar. 2018
3.SquirRL: Automating Attack Discovery on Blockchain Incentive Mechanisms with Deep Reinforcement Learning Hou, Charlie and Zhou, Mingxun and Ji, Yan and Daian, Phil and Tramer, Florian and Fanti, Giulia and Juels, Ari. 2019