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A curated list of papers ordered by number of citations. Last updated 2018-12-08

1.Zerocash: Decentralized anonymous payments from bitcoin Ben-Sasson, Eli and Chiesa, Alessandro and Garman, Christina and Green, Matthew and Miers, Ian and Tromer, Eran and Virza, Madars. 2014
2.Pinocchio: Nearly practical verifiable computation Parno, Bryan and Howell, Jon and Gentry, Craig and Raykova, Mariana. 2013
3.Quadratic span programs and succinct NIZKs without PCPs Gennaro, Rosario and Gentry, Craig and Parno, Bryan and Raykova, Mariana. 2013
4.SNARKs for C: Verifying program executions succinctly and in zero knowledge Ben-Sasson, Eli and Chiesa, Alessandro and Genkin, Daniel and Tromer, Eran and Virza, Madars. 2013
5.Short pairing-based non-interactive zero-knowledge arguments Groth, Jens. 2010
6.Recursive composition and bootstrapping for SNARKs and proof-carrying data Bitansky, Nir and Canetti, Ran and Chiesa, Alessandro and Tromer, Eran. 2013
7.Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture. Ben-Sasson, Eli and Chiesa, Alessandro and Tromer, Eran and Virza, Madars. 2014
8.Succinct non-interactive arguments via linear interactive proofs Bitansky, Nir and Chiesa, Alessandro and Ishai, Yuval and Paneth, Omer and Ostrovsky, Rafail. 2013
9.Geppetto: Versatile verifiable computation Costello, Craig and Fournet, C\'edric and Howell, Jon and Kohlweiss, Markulf and Kreuter, Benjamin and Naehrig, Michael and Parno, Bryan and Zahur, Samee. 2015
10.Scalable zero knowledge via cycles of elliptic curves Ben-Sasson, Eli and Chiesa, Alessandro and Tromer, Eran and Virza, Madars. 2017
11.Pinocchio coin Danezis, George and Fournet, Cedric and Kohlweiss, Markulf and Parno, Bryan. 2013
12.Efficient RAM and control flow in verifiable outsourced computation. Wahby, Riad S and Setty, Srinath TV and Ren, Zuocheng and Blumberg, Andrew J and Walfish, Michael. 2015
13.Secure sampling of public parameters for succinct zero knowledge proofs Ben-Sasson, Eli and Chiesa, Alessandro and Green, Matthew and Tromer, Eran and Virza, Madars. 2015
14.On the size of pairing-based non-interactive arguments Groth, Jens. 2016
15.ZKBoo: Faster Zero-Knowledge for Boolean Circuits. Giacomelli, Irene and Madsen, Jesper and Orlandi, Claudio. 2016
16.Ligero: Lightweight sublinear arguments without a trusted setup Ames, Scott and Hazay, Carmit and Ishai, Yuval and Venkitasubramaniam, Muthuramakrishnan. 2017
17.Scalable, transparent, and post-quantum secure computational integrity Eli Ben-Sasson and Iddo Bentov and Yinon Horesh and Michael Riabzev. 2018
18.Snarky Signatures: Minimal Signatures of Knowledge from Simulation-Extractable SNARKs Jens Groth and Mary Maller. 2017
19.A Subversion-Resistant SNARK Behzad Abdolmaleki and Karim Baghery and Helger Lipmaa and Michal Zajac. 2017
20.Subversion-zero-knowledge SNARKs Georg Fuchsbauer. 2017
21.How to Use SNARKs in Universally Composable Protocols. Kosba, Ahmed E and Zhao, Zhichao and Miller, Andrew and Qian, Yi and Chan, T-H Hubert and Papamanthou, Charalampos and Pass, Rafael and Shelat, Abhi and Shi, Elaine. 2015
22.Verifiable Delay Functions Dan Boneh, Joseph Bonneau, Benedikt Bünz, Ben Fisch. 2018
23.Scalable Multi-party Computation for zk-SNARK Parameters in the Random Beacon Model Sean Bowe and Ariel Gabizon and Ian Miers. 2017
24.Doubly-efficient zkSNARKs without trusted setup Riad S. Wahby and Ioanna Tzialla and abhi shelat and Justin Thaler and Michael Walfish. 2017
25.Public Accountability vs. Secret Laws: Can They Coexist?: A Cryptographic Proposal Goldwasser, Shafi and Park, Sunoo. 2017
26.DIZK: A Distributed Zero-Knowledge Proof System Wu, Howard and Zheng, Wenting and Chiesa, Alessandro and Popa, Raluca Ada and Stoica, Ion. 2018
27.Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Composite Statements Shashank Agrawal and Chaya Ganesh and Payman Mohassel. 2018
28.Aurora: Transparent Succinct Arguments for R1CS Ben-Sasson, Eli and Chiesa, Alessandro and Riabzev, Michael and Spooner, Nicholas and Virza, Madars and Ward, Nicholas P. 2018
29.Lattice-Based zk-SNARKs from Square Span Programs Gennaro, Rosario and Minelli, Michele and Nitulescu, Anca and Orr\`u, Michele. 2018
30.Making Groth's zk-SNARK Simulation Extractable in the Random Oracle Model Sean Bowe and Ariel Gabizon. 2018
31.Updatable and Universal Common Reference Strings with Applications to zk-SNARKs Jens Groth and Markulf Kohlweiss and Mary Maller and Sarah Meiklejohn and Ian Miers. 2018
32.Ouroboros Crypsinous: Privacy-Preserving Proof-of-Stake Kerber, Thomas and Kohlweiss, Markulf and Kiayias, Aggelos and Zikas, Vassilis. 2018