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A curated list of papers ordered by number of citations. Last updated 2019-05-13

1.Ring Signature Confidential Transactions for Monero Shen Noether. 2015
2.RingCT 2.0: A Compact Accumulator-Based (Linkable Ring Signature) Protocol for Blockchain Cryptocurrency Monero Sun, Shi-Feng and Au, Man Ho and Liu, Joseph K and Yuen, Tsz Hon. 2017
3.An Empirical Analysis of Linkability in the Monero Blockchain Andrew Miller and Malte M\"oser and Kevin Lee and Arvind Narayanan. 2017
4.Monero - Privacy in the Blockchain Kurt M. Alonso and Jordi Herrera Joancomartí. 2018
5.Traceable Monero: Anonymous Cryptocurrency with Enhanced Accountability Li, Yannan and Yang, Guomin and Susilo, Willy and Yu, Yong and Au, Man Ho and Liu, Dongxi. 2019