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A curated list of papers ordered by number of citations. Last updated 2019-05-13

1.Formal verification of smart contracts: Short paper Bhargavan, Karthikeyan and Delignat-Lavaud, Antoine and Fournet, C\'edric and Gollamudi, Anitha and Gonthier, Georges and Kobeissi, Nadim and Kulatova, Natalia and Rastogi, Aseem and Sibut-Pinote, Thomas and Swamy, Nikhil and others. 2016
2.Defining the ethereum virtual machine for interactive theorem provers Hirai, Yoichi. 2017
3.KEVM: A Complete Semantics of the Ethereum Virtual Machine Hildenbrandt, Everett and Saxena, Manasvi and Zhu, Xiaoran and Rodrigues, Nishant and Daian, Philip and Guth, Dwight and Rosu, Grigore. 2017
4.A concurrent perspective on smart contracts Sergey, Ilya and Hobor, Aquinas. 2017
5.Towards Verifying Ethereum Smart Contract Bytecode in Isabelle/HOL Amani, Sidney and B\'egel, Myriam and Bortin, Maksym and Staples, Mark. 2018
6.Designing secure Ethereum smart contracts: A finite state machine based approach Mavridou, Anastasia and Laszka, Aron. 2017
7.Scilla: a Smart Contract Intermediate-Level LAnguage Sergey, Ilya and Kumar, Amrit and Hobor, Aquinas. 2018
8.Validation of decentralised smart contracts through game theory and formal methods Bigi, Giancarlo and Bracciali, Andrea and Meacci, Giovanni and Tuosto, Emilio. 2015
9.Modeling bitcoin contracts by timed automata Andrychowicz, Marcin and Dziembowski, Stefan and Malinowski, Daniel and Mazurek, \Lukasz. 2014
10.Formal verification of Deed contract in Ethereum name service Hirai, Yoichi. 2016
11.Mechanising Blockchain Consensus P\^\irlea, George and Sergey, Ilya. 2018
12.Raziel: private and verifiable smart contracts on blockchains S\'anchez, David Cerezo. 2018
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14.EthIR: A Framework for High-Level Analysis of Ethereum Bytecode Albert, Elvira and Gordillo, Pablo and Livshits, Benjamin and Rubio, Albert and Sergey, Ilya. 2018
15.Model-Checking of Smart Contracts Nehai, Zeinab and Piriou, Pierre-Yves and Daumas, Frederic. 2018
16.SMT-Based Verification of Solidity Smart Contracts Alt, Leonardo and Reitwiessner, Christian. 2018
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19.Temporal Properties of Smart Contracts Sergey, Ilya and Kumar, Amrit and Hobor, Aquinas. 2018
20.On the specification and verification of atomic swap smart contracts⋆ van der Meyden, Ron. 2018